DesignTO 2024
Jan 19–Jan 27 2024
In-Person Exhibition
DesignTO 2024
Jan 19–Jan 27 2024
In-Person Exhibition
DesignTO 2024
Jan 19–Jan 27 2024
In-Person Exhibition

tuck pop-up event

Mararamiro Home - 2090 Dundas Street West

Join us from December 1st to 17th at Mararamiro Home, where we celebrate the art of home storytelling, for an exclusive collaboration with, Canada's leader in sustainable luxury bedding. Step into a world where the sophistication of Mararamiro's curated decor meets Tuck's commitment to eco-conscious comfort.

Tuck's premium bedding, a blend of GOTS certified organic cotton and sustainably sourced TENCEL lyocell fibers, promises a sleep experience that's as soft as it is responsible. Designed for the discerning, environmentally aware shopper, Tuck's bedding complements our ethos by blending modern luxury with mindful living.

Throughout this unique event at our Dundas Street West location, explore and shop select items from's range of bedding. Each item is a testament to their mission: creating high-quality, sustainably manufactured bedding with a feel of lived-in softness, mirroring our commitment to authenticity and craftsmanship.


Angela Cho @angiecho_

Shayla Giroux @shayla_giroux

Jia Xin Huang @michjxh

Sarah Holloway @sarahlaurenholloway

Elizabeth Lenny @thelizlenny

Cat Love @c4tluv

Angie Pei @peiangelina

Grace Wardlaw @grace.a.wardlaw

Izzy Yang @izzy.yang

Madeleine Young @1perfectshadow

Liyang Zhang @liyangzhang_studio

about the festival

DesignTO Festival brings people together to design a better future, one that is more sustainable, just, and joyful.


the curatorial vision

Curated by Sarah Holloway, Madeleine Young and Lina Akkawi, the exhibit is a testament to design that transcends time. Their expertise in marrying traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics offers a rare glimpse into the evolving world of design.