rug care and maintenance

Thank you for choosing a Mararamiro rug. When properly cared for, our rugs will last a lifetime and more. Born from a love of design and a desire to create a better future for our artisans, our roots lie in thoughtful design, and they intertwine with craftsmanship, heritage and empowerment of people. All our rugs are hand-woven and hand-knotted on looms with pure hand-spun wool that is not bleached or coloured, the whole process is as natural as it can get.

Every artisan involved in your rug has carefully worked on it, so it looks beautiful and special. Here is our guide with tips to keep your purchase looking its best throughout its lifetime.

1. rug installation

We recommend using a rug pad since it helps protecting the rug throughout the years and preventing possible slips. A rug pad provides extra cushioning which also helps protect the wool fibres. Never place an underlay or rug on an uncured floor surface if it has recently been sealed, laid, treated, etc.

If installed in bright sunlight or high traffic areas, rotate the rug every few months to make sure it keeps its color and doesn't become worn down. After unrolling, the rug will settle in 3-5 days to become flatter.

The rug is washed but untreated wool, it is possible it may have a natural earthy odour upon installing. This odour will dissipate within a few weeks. A natural scented lavender or cedar room spray can be used to help with the odour and help prevent pests.

2. vacuuming

Vacuuming regularly is the best way to keep your rug looking vibrant and in good shape.

We recommend vacuuming your rug once a week or more depending on the amount of use and traffic. It is also fundamental to prevent moths; an experienced professional should apply preventative treatments only. Knotted rugs shedding may occur for the first few weeks of install, this will diminish with time and with regular vacuuming.

3. stains and spills

Sheep wool unlike other natural fibres is very stain resistant and it does not absorb liquids easily, it is naturally anti-bacterial and dirt wicking, making it very easy to keep clean. Wool contains lanolin, which is a natural stain repellent. The first thing to do when liquids are spilled is to absorb them with a white tissue or cloth as soon as possible pressing gently (not rubbing it). For solids, same thing as indicated above but first, gently scrape off the stain with a spoon.

If there is a stain remaining, you can clean it by blotting or softly pressing with a wet cloth or sponge. If needed use dilute a mild detergent and/or white vinegar with water press again with clean cloth or sponge, making sure all the detergent is removed. Do not rub the rug so the threads become loose. Never use a stain repellent or stain remover on your rug.

If the stain can't be removed using these methods, have your rug professionally dry cleaned for pure 100% wool, when required.

3. stains and spills

Mararamiro accepts no responsibility for damages caused by persons following the cleaning and care procedures listed in these instructions. This is simply advice and you should always contact an experienced rug cleaning professional if you are ever in doubt regarding the care of your rug.

Manufacturing Variations: Being a handmade item, there will be some variation in colour and size. These are not flaws but part of the nature of a handmade product. Our collections have both knotted and woven rugs, which are made using different techniques, and natural pure sheep of different colour, therefore no two rugs are identical.