Zeina Nahas

Zeina Nahas, a Syrian-Canadian artist, captures the emotional essence of the human experience and the life of objects, inviting a journey of self-discovery through her work, exhibited internationally including at 1000 Vases in Paris.

Zeina Nahas, a Syrian-Canadian artist currently residing in Toronto, finds her muse in the shadows that encompass her existence. Her art is a deep exploration of the human experience, a testament to her unwavering belief that we are shaped by emotional expression, self-discovery, and the unfolding of our innermost selves. She exposes the unseen and intangible facets of life through fragments of sound, sight, and touch. Her artistic expressions lead viewers on a transformative journey, encouraging them to confront the depths of their emotions and embark on a path of self-discovery.

Her art doesn't stop at the abstract; it also delves into the emotional world of objects. These items, carriers of memories and emotions, continually evolve as they change hands from one owner to another. Zeina recognizes the power of these objects to embody feelings, and her work beckons us to reconnect with them, bridging the gap between our past and present. Uncovering the emotional imprints left behind. Zeina's work has been exhibited at 1000 Vases in Paris, France and featured at Design TO in Melancholy, a Solo Exhibition.