“a manner of living encompassing a person’s values and attitudes; an expression of personalities, tastes and preferences.”

From a passion for art and design, to a commitment to supporting economic opportunity in under-resourced settings, I'm Tanya Tessier, the proud founder of Mararamiro. My career took me from a Senior Fashion Designer at a beloved Canadian brand to a Home Decor Product Developer for a global retailer, preparing me for my most rewarding journey yet.

When the pandemic hit, I, like many others, found myself looking for something different for my life. Inspired by my visit to The Apartment in Copenhagen and my love for home decor, I decided to take a leap of faith, launching Mararamiro - Canada's first shoppable photography studio. Our globally inspired store and studio, nestled in the heart of Toronto, is a treasure trove of vintage and contemporary home decor objects from around the world, each with a unique story.

Mararamiro is more than just a store. We're on a mission to move beyond the disposable and value the joy of discovering unique home decor that narrates your story and values.

The name "Mararamiro", borrowed from the Shona language of my husband's birthplace, Zimbabwe, symbolises "a manner of living encompassing a person's values and attitudes". Much like the Great Zimbabwe's timeless structures that have stood the test of time, Mararamiro is a testament to longevity and conscious living. Through Mararamiro, I invite you to celebrate your taste, embrace authentic products, and enjoy ethical sourcing. Join us on this journey, and let's write a new narrative for home decor together.

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The first shoppable studio in Canada, Mararamiro Studio is a premier space for creators looking to produce fresh unique content. Doubling as Mararamiro's home decor showroom, creators can access the ever-changing inventory of furniture and home decor pieces.

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press and media

Press holds a significant key in narrating the essence of nurturing spaces that echo our personal narratives and values. The journey of Mararamiro, from a quiet inception to a tactile haven of globally-sourced decor, has been enriched by the narrative threads woven by the media. Our story finds resonance through the lens of journalists and the pens of writers who appreciate the confluence of aesthetics, ethics, and individual stories in home decor.

For press and influencer inquiries, extending the narrative of mindful living through Mararamiro Home, please reach out to us at

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