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In-studio Exhibition: Melanie Cheung's California-inspired Art Series

Immerse yourself in the world of abstract landscapes as we unveil Melanie Cheung's captivating art print collection currently featured in the studio.

We are pleased to announce Mararamiro's newest in-studio exhibition in collaboration with Hamilton, Ontario artist, Melanie Cheung: a tribute to the awe-inspiring vistas of California.

Inspired by a visit to California, Melanie was completely astonished by how powerful the landscape was and how truly minuscule and powerless she felt in comparison to the vast natural surroundings. In this series, she explored deeper into vaguely representational landscape painting combined with layered abstraction. The shapes and colour combinations evoke gut feelings and fleeting memories of a place rather than an actual representation of what was there

Through The Sandstorm



Tell Your Troubles To The Mountains



On A Whim



Faded Memories



A Desert Walk With My Oldest Friends



About Melanie

Melanie Cheung is an abstract artist based in Hamilton, Ontario. Her work seeks to express the intangible aspects of being human; emotions that are difficult to voice, subconscious thoughts, fleeting memories, and inexplicable feelings. Using fluid, translucent layers of paint and mixed media, Melanie works through a combination of careful planning and intuition. She finds a sense of calm through unique colour pairings and poured techniques, allowing imperfect textures to form, creating harmony between wanting control and leaving room for chance occurrences.

Previously, Melanie trained and worked as a fashion designer before pursuing art. Originally from Toronto, she received a Bachelor of Design in fashion design from Toronto Metropolitan University. Melanie resided in Montreal for twelve years before moving to Hamilton in 2020, where she now lives and paints from her home studio.




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