Now available at Mararamiro, The Le Roi series by NORR11 consist of a stool, bench, chair and a table made from solid oak with inlaid French rattan. The collection is a minimalistic interpretation of rattan furniture, merged with well known Scandinavian furniture archetypes.

Le Roi Stool

Equally suitable as a seat or a table the Le Roi Stool is a minimalistic interpretation of the classic Scandinavian three-legged stool. The stool is made from solid oak with inlaid French rattan mesh and can be stacked to save space in a spiralling sculpture.

Le Roi Bench

The French royal inspired "Le Roi Bench" is made of solid oak with inlaid natural French rattan. Designed to work equally well as a coffee table in a living room, a bench in an entryway, or a bedroom and is both; timeless and functional.

Le Roi Coffee Table

The Le Roi Coffee Table is constructed as a frame geometry of solid oak, with inlaid natural French rattan mounted after traditional methods.

The tactile French rattan creates translucent surfaces highlighting the beautiful and simple construction.

Le Roi Chair

Sculptural and balanced, the Le Roi Chair is a welcoming lounge chair made from solid oak with inlaid French rattan. The solid oak frame has fluid lines and the tactile French rattan enhances the natural elegance of the chair. The chair comes with or without cushions in leather or linen.

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