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ila Cerámica: Voids and Delays

Meet select pieces from the Permanent Collection, a series of pieces that arrived to stay after the first manual collection “Voids and Delays”.

Meet select pieces from the Permanent Collection by Mexican artist Camila Apaez, a series of pieces that arrived to stay after the first manual collection “Voids and Delays”. These organic yet functional pieces are available in limited quantities in buttermilk and charcoal black.

Camila Apaez is the creator and artist behind the silhouettes, glazes and clay bodies of Ila Cerámica. Starting from wheel throwing, she has evolved her practice to encompass manual sculpture, functional pieces and experimental art pieces. She originally studied Arts and Cultural management and is currently acquiring a masters degree in Clinical Psychotherapy. She draws her inspiration from human relationships, the architecture of nature, sound and bodily experiences

Ila Ceramica emerged from a process of inner inquiry where ceramics became a space for presence, silence, touch and patience. I discovered the shapes that inhabit me in an organic and intuitive manner, leading to continuous research and development of material, processes, and also of myself. What began as a silent personal journey, has turned into a place where poetry, nature and corporeal silhouettes meet as constant themes in Ila’s process.

Voids and Delays, the first manual collection, was born in 2019, which soon gave rise to the current Permanent Collection, a series of fourteen silhouettes inspired by movement, bodily landscapes and lost time. These series coexist with the One of a Kind collection, which explore the tension between sculptural and functional concerns.

“I discovered the shapes that inhabit me in an organic and intuitive manner, leading to continuous research and development of material, processes, and also of myself.” - Camila Apaez

For the Permanent Collection, Camila created casts from the original pieces of Voids and Delays, which are available in four signature hues as well as seasonal colors, which are the result of thorough research and glaze testing. Each piece is the result of a shared craft amongst Ila Ceramica´s team.

Ila Cerámica at Mararamiro
Ila Cerámica at Mararamiro
ila Cerámica: Voids and DelaysIla Cerámica at Mararamiro

 Ila Cerámica at Mararamiro

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