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Makko Incense - Palo & Oud

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BY Incausa

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Our newest collection offering a warm and woody aroma. Made of Japanese cypress (makko), Palo Santo and Oud.

Oud has a distinct, raw and earthy scent with a sweet yet sharp tang. Palo Santo has a resinous, wooden, sweet scent. It comes from the Bursar Graveolens Tree, native to South America's dry tropical forests.

Extracted with reverence from the Almacega tree, Breu resin carries with it a legacy of healing and purification, an embodiment of ancient wisdom.

Traditionally invoked to dispel shadowy energies, Breu welcomes an infusion of positivity into your sacred space. Its historic significance extends to the sacred Ayahuasca brewing ceremonies, where it's known to play a pivotal role. Experience the transformative power of Breu and let your space resonate with good energy.

7 incenses per box / 50 minutes burning time

Burn on safe heat resistant surface.



Machines thumbergil (Makko), Burcera graveolens (Palo Santo), Inoculated Aquilaria malaccensis (Oud)

How To Use

Break into small pieces. On a heat-resistant surface, carefully light the incense stick, allowing it to burn for a moment before extinguishing the flame.

Responsible Design

Incausa is a for-profit company with social impact at its core. All products are assembled and shipped from their headquarters workshop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. They source from the finest, fair-trade producers who have operated for many years and are experienced in making premium products. With their Indigenous pro-bono mission, Incausa transforms customers into benefactors, which allows them to grow truly sustainable giving efforts rather than depending on fundraising for support. 100% of the wholesale price is relayed to the artisan.

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A pure olfactory experience of Palo and the mysterious and alluring scent of Oud.

Palo Santo has a resinous, wooden, sweet scent.

Oud has a distinct, raw and earthy scent with a sweet yet sharp tang.

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