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Inspired by the prehistoric, the LITHIC series is an ode to ancient craftsmanship. Its rounded proportions are balanced by its low profile, creating a harmony in its juxtaposition.

Inspired by the prehistoric, the LITHIC series of lounge chairs and dining chairs is an ode to ancient craftsmanship. Starting from the most basic chair frame and extrapolating it into an exaggerated, soft form, the LITHIC Chair exudes comfort and softness. Its rounded proportions are balanced by its low profile, creating a harmony in its juxtaposition.



Crafted in solid White Oak wood, the carefully machined turns welcome the soft and generous cushion. From every angle, the LITHIC Chair evokes gentle poetry. 

A complex design, the manufacturing of LITHIC Chair is achieved by the precision of CNC machine, in tandem with careful hand-finishing. It is entirely sourced and constructed locally in Toronto, Canada, by expert wood workers and craftsmen.




About the designer: Maha Alavi



Maha Alavi is a Toronto-based industrial designer. Her practice aims to explore context through connection and creation, informed by her prior training in philosophy and psychology. 

Alavi takes inspiration from travel — the way daily rhythms shift throughout different global geographies. She is fascinated by the influence of objects on people and spaces, and construction of cultural archetypes through design. Alavi cites places like Berlin, Tokyo, and Singapore as major sources of inspiration for her work. Time spent in cities so connected to both industry and nature have created a sensibility that focuses on detail and balance, and nurtured an understanding of light and seasons eventually inspiring her first hardware series, CERCLE. 

Through her unique lens Alavi transfigures both daily routines and unique experiences into exciting explorations of space and form. When designing, Alavi considers continuity in form and philosophy: the design must communicate its intent holistically and succinctly.


The LITHIC series is now available to order in our store.

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