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Behind The Design: Embracing Melancholy with Zeina Nahas

Dive into Syrian-Canadian artist Zeina Nahas' "Melancholy" collection, a sublime exploration of life's dual nature expressed through hand-coiled stoneware vases.

Zeina Nahas, a Syrian-Canadian artist presently enriching Toronto’s art scene, orchestrates a profound exploration of the human voyage through her latest collection, "Melancholy." This collection, a tender homage to the dual nature of existence, echoes her enduring belief that our beings are sculpted by emotional expression, self-discovery, and the unveiling of our innermost selves. 

Elena Mahno thoughtfully shaping clay in her art studio, surrounded by her ceramic creations.

Her artistic odyssey in "Melancholy" unveils the unseen and intangible facets of life through a series of hand-coiled, stoneware clay vases. Each piece is a testament to the eternal dance between light and darkness, mirroring the melancholy spirit's intrinsic duality. The collection does not shy away from the somber hues of life; rather, it embraces the melancholic realization that light, as evanescent as the stars, momentarily graces the eternal dark canvas before dissipating into the void.

Portrait of Elena Mahno, framed by her unique ceramic pieces, in the sanctuary of her art studio.

The aesthetic of “Melancholy” is characterized by its evocative contrast between light and dark, symbolizing the endless cycle of emergence and dissipation, much like the stars that momentarily glorify the night sky before melding back into the cosmic dark matter. Through her work, Zeina beckons viewers to delve into the aesthetic of melancholy, to confront and embrace the contrasts that define our existence.

Artist Elena Mahno in her creative space, with a variety of her ceramic pieces displayed in the background.

As the vases embody the duality of darkness living within a melancholic body alongside the exposed flaunting beauty, Zeina’s creations invite individuals to traverse the bridge between the seen and unseen, and to embrace the narrative whispered by each unique piece.

Elena Mahno immersed in her craft, with her ceramic art objects elegantly arranged around her studio.

We warmly invite you to visit Mararamiro Home nestled near Roncesvalles on Dundas Street West, Toronto, to immerse yourself in the melancholic beauty of Zeina Nahas’ collection. Let each piece beckon you to explore the delicate dance between light and darkness, and celebrate the unique narrative it narrates, epitomizing the essence of "your home, your narrative." The "Melancholy" collection awaits to resonate with your personal narrative and to adorn your space with its evocative charm.

Curated Pieces at Mararamiro Home

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