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Scarlet O'Neil

I’m so glad you found yourself here. Before I start with me, I want to share my why. Like most things in life, for it to be good, it has to click, it has to feel right and it just has to connect. My whole purpose in this realm is to tell your story, to capture your juiciest moments, and those sweet never want to forget feelings.


Scarlet Oniel


With each thing I capture a little part of me exists in each one of them. Your moments are made with love by me. That’s where it’s important to make sure your heart is just as ready to open & share in this exchange, as is mine. You have to like me as much as I like you, because without that, we’d be two strangers with no connection and where is the magic in that?

Thats why it’s so important to get to know me. To feel like I’m an old friend you look forward to seeing, sharing with and having the best time ever. So here I am, all of me.




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