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Laura Rowe

I create honest and authentic imagery out of our living experiences, bringing your stories to life and creating something tangible to return to.

Life has taught me both the beauty and tragedy of impermanence. Imagery offers us the opportunity to anchor in and appreciate what's unfolding around us. My intention is to capture you in a way that allows you to not only see, but also feel your humanness.

Becoming a mother has transformed the way I see the world, and how I choose to show up as a woman. Photography has become my visual expression of time, growth, and becoming. It’s provided me with both inspiration for the road ahead, as well as a grounding place to return to. Time and time again.
It’s through this work that I’m reminded to slow down, live simply and notice what matters most.

When I’m not photographing, you can find me weaving on my loom, cooking soup, enjoying nature, adventuring with my family and trying to convince my husband to live in a camper van with me.

Laura Rowe Photography


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