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4 Ways To Make Your Home Feel Relaxed

If you find yourself feeling stressed and frazzled, it can be hard to relax your mind and body. You want a space that feels like home, but sometimes the hustle...

Mararamiro Studio Living Room
If you find yourself feeling stressed and frazzled, it can be hard to relax your mind and body. You want a space that feels like home, but sometimes the hustle and bustle of life makes it difficult to take time for yourself. Here are 4 of our favorite ways to create an oasis from the outside world:

1. Declutter Your Space

It's one thing to have a cluttered home, but it is entirely different when the clutter takes over and floods your space. While many people live with too much stuff in their homes without even realizing how bad things could be for them mentally or physically, there are ways you can make sure this doesn't happen!

Start by getting rid of everything that isn't being used anymore so its appearance doesn't overwhelm whatever design aesthetic might already exist within yours--and just remember: less really does mean more here ;). Getting rid of clutter doesn't mean you have to compromise on your home's design.

Mararamiro Studio Living Room
Mararamiro Studio Living Room

Chances are you have seen our solution to all of your storage problems. Baskets! They're perfect for everything from pillows, throws and even laundry. Lastly, clean up after yourself - don't leave dishes in the sink or dirty clothes lying around. This is how you can make your home feel relaxed!

2. Create a cozy space by lighting candles

Dim the lights down low and light some candles for a more tranquil setting. The soothing and relaxing effect that comes from burning candle wax is proven to reduce stress levels and anxiety. The soft glow from candles will create intimate lighting that's perfect for reading books, playing board games, or watching movies together on the couch. In addition, candles have been shown in studies to reduce stress levels and promote relaxation, while also providing a sense of security for those who have anxiety or depression issues.

Shop Wax Atelier Candles at Mararamiro
Shop ​​Wax Atelier Candles
Shop Wax Atelier Candles at Mararamiro
Shop Wax Atelier Candles​​

Candles also come in many different scents, so there will always be one that everyone likes.

Bonus tip, a rug is the perfect way to bring coziness, warmth and elegance into your living space. Thick layers of soft wool are the perfect way to add warmth and coziness in your home. A rug can be placed anywhere you want, giving a space more character than an area without one!

3. Make Sure Your Surroundings Reflect Who You Are

Mararamiro Home Toronto
Mararamiro​​ Studio Toronto
Mararamiro Home Toronto
​​Mararamiro Studio Toronto

At Mararamiro our philosophy revolves around simplicity and comfort; the idea that every room should be welcoming for those who live there and those who visit it. The perfect way to express your personality and share it with others is through home decor. It is important to remember that your home is more than just a space - your space is an extension of yourself. When choosing the right pieces for your home, it's important that they reflect who YOU really want to be in this world! That's why you need pieces that are off-the beaten path, made ethically, and tell their own story through construction, color or materials choice.

4. Relax, take time for yourself everyday by reading, sleeping, or even just sitting in silence

Ancient Patina Burn Dish
Ancient Patina ​​Burn Dish
Mararamiro Home and Studio
Mararamiro Studio ​​Toronto

Make time for yourself every day by reading, sleeping or just sitting in silence. As you take some moments of your own to relax and recharge - mindfully appreciate everything that is going well! Silence in itself is a key to self-care. Our homes are our sanctuaries, but sometimes life can get in the way.

Lately a lot of us, especially those working from home, haven’t been feeling that home is that relaxing place. It’s difficult to find a space in our homes that feels like home when we are always on-the-go right from our home. But, if you want your home to feel relaxed, we hope these 4 simple changes will help you enjoy your time at home much more!

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